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The Best Lawn Seeds in Kissimmee, FL, at the Best Prices

Regardless of whether you are seeding a large property or a small backyard, you want to keep costs in check. Our goal is to provide high-quality seeds at some of the most affordable prices for all of our customers, large and small. We believe we do that at Central Florida Seed, Inc., by providing the best lawn seeds in Kissimmee, FL, at the best prices.

All of our seeds are specially adapted to the growing conditions they will face in Florida, with an emphasis on being able to withstand the combination of high temperatures and high humidity. They sprout quickly and hold firmly, which is ideal for planting grass on a sports field or preventing erosion along a waterway. We apply rigorous quality control standards to our production methods so that you know you are getting seeds that are ready to grow.

Our inventory includes products that will allow you to grow lawn turf or pasture grass, such as:

  • TifQuik™
  • Japanese Millet
  • Browntop Millet Seeds
  • Argentine Bahiagrass Seed
  • Pensacola Bahiagrass Seed

We take phone orders only, so call us at (407) 460-8373 to get the best lawn seeds around or if you wish to learn more about our products or prices.